Anthology of Tributes


Professor Owodunni Teriba

Anthology of Tributes is a treasure trove of the outpouring of love, appreciation and tributes for Professor Owodunni Teriba. The tributes in this book are from a diverse and eclectic group of people spanning different generations and professions who knew, admired and loved him. Anthology of Tributes reinforces his legacy which in turn will inspire, encourage and motivate future generations to strive to be more productive in their chosen careers.


Yetunde Teriba

An autobiography highlighting contributions to 
women, gender, and development in the
 African Union.



Yetunde Teriba is an administrator, a gender expert and a proponent for change who sees discipline and being principled as hallmarks for achieving goals in life. Her administrative skills at the University of Ibadan coupled with her pioneering role in gender mainstreaming in the African Union as well as her proven insights into the working of women in regional organizations remain imperative in organizational development.

Her aversion to human dysfunctions such as poverty, oppression and marginalization has consistently energized her fight for a better future where gender equality becomes the norm.

She is a recipient of several awards due to her works with many Non-Governmental Organizations which contribute to uplifting the lives of women in Africa. She loves to see people happy and finds fulfillment in knowing that she contributed to their happiness.

Yetunde is the President and Founder of SOFAMAFI Foundation for the Elderly (SFE). She is married to Professor Owodunni Teriba, a renowned economist who made extensive contributions to Africa’s economic development. Yetunde has four children that are notably successful in different professions. She is also blessed with several grandchildren.

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